Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Hike of the Year!

My friend Paul invited us to go on a hike last Saturday, and what a hike it was!!  We met up on Saturday morning in Muzha, and took a cab to an intersection in the middle of nowhere. The English name and directions are unknown, apart from what you can tell from this map.
The hike started off with concrete steps for the first 20 mins, so I ate a pizza bagel and lagged behind til the boys were out of sight. I wore the same shirt I slept in cause 1) I was lazy/half-asleep and 2) I thought it would be short hike. The terrain eventually evolved and soon we were pulling ourselves up with ropes and dangling on metal chain ladders! It was actually pretty dangerous in some areas, and we heard that lots of people have died trekking this mountain before they put in all the ropes and ladders. The hike turned out to be very popular-we ran into tons of people and even a tour group!! The path was very narrow and there were a lot of roots, rocks and dirt…yes, like a hiking trail. I hadn’t been on a hike for a really long time, and this one felt like it went on forever, in a good way. 

We made it to the ‘end’ which was just a really high point of the mountain, although signs had eluded to a lake-nowhere to be seen nor heard of. It was beautiful. The whole hike took about 5 hours total, starting and ending at the Muzha MRT. Sometimes I love feeling like I live nowhere near a city and going on hikes really helps.  Fresh air is good, y’all!! 

Oh, the next day was my first rowing practice of the year as well! Kazu (one of the captains from last year) has been setting them up every weekend and Sunday was the first time I could make it this month! I LOVE BEING ON A BOAT IN THE RIVER ON A SUNNY DAY. Although we won't be starting real practices until March, it was good to see familiar faces and meet new potential teammates. ****IF YOU LIVE IN TAIPEI AND IS INTERESTED IN JOINING THE BEST DRAGONBOAT TEAM IN TAIWAN, PLEASE COME LET ME KNOW**** 
****PS. See my shirt? It's a GAELIC FOOTBALL jersey and we are also starting to recruit for next season. So, IF YOU LIVE IN TAIPEI AND WANT TO PLAY-LET ME KNOW!****

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  1. I feel like a total lazy ass after reading your post. You are so active! Good on ya, girl! :-)