Saturday, April 26, 2014

IRELAND-A shot at poetry

These are some poems I wrote about my trip to Ireland, written on barf bags on the plane ride back home. I'm no poet, but here's a stab in the dark anyway!


How do I spend so much time in such bizarre places
and never speak of it? 

I used to drive down by the river and park by the landing strips alone
to sit on the hood of my car, watching the planes come and go.
At peace-to know that we can go explore, yet come home to welcoming arms
and people we love are only a flight away. 

Now, with my belt clipped in
I don't want to look out these oval windows anymore
I am filled with bittersweetness 
and uncertainty. 
Beautiful moments only exist within my heart and photographs
and home is only wherever I land next.
It's not easy to say goodbye when no one knows
what the future holds. 


The best part is when I'm waiting for my luggage
knowing the person I love 
is on the other side of the gate
eagerly waiting to kiss all the distance away.


I've always known, (or so I thought)
whether I could fall in love with a city or not
at first breath I take, and first glances I see.
Could be smitten in seconds, and swear to never leave. 

Dublin was not such a place, with it's frosty dampness and gritty cement streets. 
Oh, and that exasperating Irish accent! 
But like an acquired taste, I couldn't stop listening
and wandering around 
until it settled into my dreams, 
until it flirted with possibilities
until I wanted to call it home…could it be? 

There the fiddlers cheer up gray street corners
hot tea and warm biscuits await beside cafe windows
the country opens up to oceans, beaches, mountains and castles
so beautiful it can make this city girl cry. 
And there is a blue-eyed Irish boy waiting
there for me. 

So pour me another pint,
since all of life is just a long journey
and I'll pack my bags to see what there is to see. 
Surely there's an awful lot more for me! 

 At the top of the Sugarloaf
 Downtown Cork City!
 Coast on the way to Kinsale
 Dropping by a lil' beerfest. Red Rebel is the best! 
 Take me there-the Blarney castle <3

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