Tuesday, October 29, 2013


A few months ago, or what feels like galaxies ago in February, my boyfriend and I were laid out on colorful flat bohemian cushions on the sand, enjoying an evening of fruity booze buckets and watching fire dancers mesmerise the crowd with their fiery chains cutting through the calm beachside darkness. This was Ko Tao, Thailand-one of the best places in the world to scuba dive. 

Last weekend, I found myself on Utila- the other best place in the world to scuba dive. It's also the cheapest-for $250 you can get your Open Water, or so I hear. This island attracted the same crowd as Ko Tao-20-something backpackers from all over the world, laid back and party-loving. When we got off the ferry it was hard to believe we were only 45 mins away from mainland Honduras-it was a different world. Like Roatan, everyone spoke English and USD was accepted everywhere. Unlike Roatan, all the bars were packed, every night, and it was hard to resist the inviting crowds of new friends (made quickly)-to go to the next bar, join the rest at the other joint, meet the next day to dive, join their sailboat, drink rum, drink more rum, and enjoy the freedom of youth and adventure. I was told by a bartender the Three Golden Lies of Utila on my first night: 

1. I love you.
2. I'm not drinking tonight. 
3. I'm leaving tomorrow. 

So now you know, and if you're ever in Honduras-you have to check this place out cause there's nowhere in the place like this place. (Besides maybe Ko Tao, lots of people we met here have also been there!) 

 Not a lot of beaches, a whole lot of docks! 
 You get the idea. 

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