Monday, February 4, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

My fabulous South African friend and fellow blogger Liesl from Pretty.Random.Things  has nominated me for this award! Thanks girl! Now it is my duty to: 

-Nominate other bloggers I love 
-Let them know I've nominated them 
-Share 7 random facts about myself 
-Thank the blogger who nominated me 
-Add this award to my post

At least, I hope that's how it works. Let's go! 

I nominate my talented, truthful and heartfelt blogger friends: 

Jamie's blog
Didi's blog 
Victoria's blog 
Nicki's blog 

(The Tumblr ones still work but won't highlight lol)

Okay now 7 random facts about me: 

1. I'm laying on my stomach on my yoga mat in the kitchen floor typing this. I prefer it over the couches and bed cause it makes me feel athletic. 

2. I really like using coasters. 

3. I've been cooking over my studio's one-stove top kitchen the past week. 

4. Oh, and I won a toaster oven from my company's year-end dinner. 

5. I've started taking One A Day Women's Vitamins. 

6. I teach kindergarten at an international school in Taipei and my kids are all loosing their teeth. 

7. I love amber ales and they are so rare here. 

8. I hate going to gyms. 

9. I take bus 311 to work and back almost every day cause the MRT is too crowded. 

10. I am going to Thailand in two days and Boyfriend will meet the parents there! 

Thanks again Liesl!  Sorry I took so long to repost :) 

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